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Kamran wants to know if this £400,000 house is good value.

Here is the property in question:

Here’s our message from Kamran:

I am one of your subscribers. First, thanks for such interesting videos. I am learning massively.

My Situation:
I am FTB. I have no previous experience, but I have seen so many YouTube videos that I can now describe most of the processes in homebuilding. My wife and I are both engineers. We live in the Reading area.

Our Plan:
We will renovate the house in two phases. 1st phase is the renovation of the current house minus the kitchen. 2nd phase is a new rear extension with a new kitchen diner.

In the phase 1, we plan to:
• Start with electrics, have the electrical wiring replaced and bury inside walls
• Replace the central heating system of the whole house
• Modernize the upstairs bathroom and WC
• Repair the roof for fallen hip/bricks and replace facia, soffit and guttering (you will see traces of water leak because of fascia/soffit in a bedroom)
• Replace all doors and windows except kitchen and dinner (why: because we will tackle them in phase 2 – new extension)
• Tidying old kitchen to use it temporarily as we will have 1 year wait between this and 2nd phase and need to use this old kitchen till then
• Do carpets and flooring where needed.

We will do the garden, patio, and driveway ourselves, so we are not considering them above.

In phase 2, we will have a rear extension that will join the old kitchen space, too. But please ignore it for now. The plans and figures here are just for Phase 1 of execution.

Seeking support from you:
1. Do you see any red flags in the images I didn’t cover in my above plan?
2. Our estimate for phase 1 renovation is 60K (best case) -100K (worst case). The midpoint guidance is 80K. Do you see any issues with our estimates?
3. I value your advice and am happy to gain any (paid-for or complimentary) service you provide.

Overall, I am very concerned about whether I missed anything important (the surveys will happen, but I’m not sure if there is anything obvious that my inexperienced eyes haven’t spotted) and whether my cost estimate is real.

About Dylan Garton

Dylan Garton is a co-founder, video producer and editor for the Skill Builder social media platforms.

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