Is xTool P2 the Ultimate Laser Engraver & Cutter?

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xTool P2 Versatile and Smart Desktop 55W CO2 Laser Cutter

The XTool P2 Laser Engraver is an advanced laser cutting and engraving machine designed for both professional and hobbyist use.

It stands out for its versatility, precision, and user-friendly features. With its powerful laser, the XTool P2 can engrave on a wide range of materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, and metal, making it a popular choice for customizing various items such as jewellery, signs, and home decor.

One of the key features of the XTool P2 is its high precision and accuracy. It uses a diode laser, which provides a fine focus for detailed work, ensuring crisp and clear engravings every time. The machine’s speed and power settings are adjustable, allowing users to tailor the engraving process to different materials and designs.

Ease of use is another significant aspect of the XTool P2. It has user-friendly software that is compatible with various operating systems, making it easy to design and execute projects. The software supports multiple file formats, offering flexibility in design options.

Safety is also a focus in the design of the XTool P2. It includes features such as an emergency stop button and a protective cover to safeguard users from laser exposure.

The xTool P2 is also noted for its robust construction and durability, ensuring it can withstand regular use in different environments, from workshops to home studios. Its compact size also makes it suitable for small spaces without compromising on the quality and scale of projects it can handle.

Overall, the XTool P2 Laser Engraver is a comprehensive tool that combines high-quality engraving capabilities with ease of use and safety, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced users in the field of laser engraving.


Materials You Should Never Use With A Laser Cutter

1. PVC
PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is a polymer that produces chlorine gas when exposed to a laser. First, the gas is irritating, which causes irritation and burns in your eyes, nose, skin, and respiratory tract. Secondly, the nature of the gas is corrosive. It can harm the machine’s frame, which is made of metal. It can also harm the laser and other parts of the machine. Thus, if you want to use the machine for a long time and keep yourself safe, you should never cut or engrave PVC.

2. ABS
The second prohibited laser-cutting material is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS). When cut through with a laser, it produces cyanide gas, which is a toxic gas that can lead to death if it is in a high concentration.

3. Polycarbonate
Polycarbonate tends to discolour when heated by the laser. Besides, it’s prone to catching fire.

4. Polystyrene and Polypropylene Foam
These are two types of foams, and both are not suitable for laser cutting. Firstly, they catch fire quickly, and when you try to cut them using a laser machine, they only melt; no cutting at all.

You cannot cut it with a laser because it melts and gets gooey when exposed to a laser. Secondly, it can also catch fire.

6. Coated Carbon Fiber
If the carbon fibre is coated, then its coating can release various toxic gasses when laser cut. These fumes are very harmful and can lead to respiratory diseases.

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