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Roger looks at the front of a house which needs some attention but where would you start?

Bricklaying With Steve and Alex
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Here’s our message from Dael:

Hi, I had numbers of builders coming to all give me a different approach to the issues.

So I made a decision to start somewhere to see the problem.

No damp course/injections really old, pointing done with cement instead of lime, cavity wall/air bricks blocked, gutters/drains blocked and renders keeping moisture inside and flooring indoors all damp and moist.

I have been looking at countless videos, information and suppliers to do correctly but I still find contradictory information.

I’m looking for a new damp course, repointing and the whole inside plastering and flooring.

Also to mention, this is only the front of the house. The back is literally the same.

I want to get experts and people to actually fix the problem instead of just a quick fix.

I really look forward to hearing from you, even if just with some pointers and contacts to reach.

Thank you

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