Noisy Radiator Mystery: Does Jim from Plumberparts Have a Solution?

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This is a tough one, so Roger calls in the cavalry in the form of James Lawrence of Plumberparts.

This is Kevin’s message:

I have been watching you on TV and now YouTube for over 20 years. We moved 2 years ago back to the UK after living in France.

Now in Cornwall we have a converted barn that wasn’t done very well 20 years ago and spent 2022 having most things updated by a very good local builder.

He had many trades and recommended a plumber who was also good but very busy (holiday homes, etc).

We didn’t rip out the C/H system (oil as serviceable with a boiler less than 3 years old. New radiators all around with new TRVs.

In the kitchen, we have at all grey column radiator but the trv valve came with rad all others are Drayton.

The kitchen rad, however, is very noisy, as the builder said sounded like the plumber had left his spanners inside.

It’s a metallic sound when the boiler fires and a hissing sound when on full. The plumber came back and adjusted the flow into rad, which made a bit of difference.

We have been leaving it off as living and kitchen is open plan so noise can be intrusive. Plumber suggests it might be cheap TRV, have you any suggestions?

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