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Roger looks at a badly prepared floor where the ventilation has been compromised.

Ventilating the sub floor in your house properly will help to prevent damp and moisture damage in your floorboards. The installation cost isn’t very high, and it will help you keep damp and moisture out.

Sub Floor Ventilation Guide with Checkatrade.

Here’s our message from Tris:

Hi there

Have been watching your videos for many years.

I have a question about my old Victorian terrace which my wife and I bought a year ago.

We have noticed that our rear kitchen extension has a poured slab and has therefore cut off any air circulation to the suspended timber floor in the front half of the house.

How worried do we need to be? When will mold start and joists begin to fail?

We have 2-3 air bricks on the front of the house but can’t see how we can fix the vent ssue properly without pulling the entire double living room floor up, and pouring a solid floor.

Would be great to see a video about suspended timber flooring, how to fix them, what options there may be (retrofit underfloor fans?), And any other thoughts.

Keen to hear more or see a video on the topic. Happy to answer any Qs you have.



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