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3 Common Problems With Acoustic Hangers

Acoustic hangers with insufficient misalignment capability

Acoustic hangers are a standard solution, but they often don’t perform in the way intended, leaving you scratching your head when noise problems persist.

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How To Build a Soundproof Room

how to build a soundproof room youtube thumbnail

Creating a soundproof room is an excellent project for those looking to create a peaceful environment, free from external noise. Whether you’re setting up a home studio, a private study, or simply wish to enjoy tranquility in your living space, this guide will walk you through the essentials of building a soundproof room, with a focus on optimizing for the …

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Stone wool insulation: Where there’s a wool, there’s a way

Stone wool insulation

As those in the insulation manufacturing process know, not all mineral wool insulation is the same. For builders, however, it’s sometimes difficult to understand where the distinctions lie, what benefits there might be and how the insulation choices they make can impact upon a project or application. Paul Barrett, Product Manager at Rocwool looks at where stone wool insulation began …

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