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At Last a Solution to New Build Bathroom Nightmares

at last a solution to new build bathroom nightmares youtube thumbnail

Roger installs the latest version of the Abacus pre-plumbed working wall and he thinks this could be the solution to many of the new build nightmare bathrooms that we see time after time. Abacus is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of bathroom and wetroom products.

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Easy Bathroom Underfloor Heating ~ Extension #25

easy bathroom underfloor heating extension 25 youtube thumbnail

ProWarm ProGrid+ Heating System ▶ Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller ▶ Dunlop CF-03 Flexible Fast Set Tile Adhesive ▶ Wooden Squeegee With Handle 600mm (24″) ▶ _______________________ RELATED VIDEO LINKS 🎬 How To Build An Extension series playlist: 🎬 How to Cut Hip Rafters: 🎬 Ultimate Roofing Square: 🎬 6 Roofing Squares Compared: …

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The Ultimate Bathroom Installation Video 2020

The Ultimate Bathroom Installation Video 2020

Tools and materials used in this video series: Abacus 1800mm Wenge Shelf Abacus 3-way Water Distribution Manifold Abacus Easi-Plan Universal Shower Valve Plate Abacus Easi-Plan 1180mm Wall Mounted WC Frame Abacus Edition Chrome Basin Mixer Abacus Elements Ultimate Construction Board Abacus Emotion Round Shower Head Abacus Emotion Square Thermo Shower Mixer Abacus Emotion Square Fixed Head Shower Abacus Fix-MD Sealing …

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Bathroom Renovation #10 – Final Fitting

Bathroom Renovation #10 Final Fitting

In our final part of the bathroom renovation series, Roger sorts out the pressure with a new Kingspan unvented cylinder and Jubi joins us to take care of fitting the furniture and putting the finishing touches to our epic installation season. Special thanks go to Abacus for supporting this series: Tools and materials used in this video series: Abacus …

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Bathroom Renovation #9 – Time for Tiling

Bathroom Renovation #9 Time for Tiling

Roger fixes a few final plumbing jobs before Martin the tiler from Abacus comes in to start the tiling the bathroom. Martin also puts the LED lights in the tiled recess shower shelves to complete the shower area. Special thanks go to Abacus for supporting this series: Tools and materials used in this video series: Abacus Elements Ultimate Construction …

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Bathroom Renovation #8 – Ready for Tiling

Bathroom Renovation #8 Ready for Tiling

It’s almost time for the tiler to start work, so Roger has to get the bath connected, the tray down, underfloor heating hooked up and the elements board down onto the KST adhesive which will give us a level bathroom floor. Special thanks go to Abacus for supporting this series: Installing an Infinity Single Fall Shower Tray – …

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Bathroom Renovation #1 – Demolition & Rip Out

Bathroom Renovation #1 Demolition

The first episode of our new bathroom renovation series in association with Abacus bathrooms. Over the course of this video series, we will show you how to renovate a bathroom from start to finish. This is the demolition & rip out and demolition of the old bathroom before the new wet room can be built. Tools and materials used in …

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How to install a bathroom

Installing a bathroom

A longer video from Roger this time talking through how to install a bathroom which contains useful information for plumbers, installers and householders alike. Roger is installing a bathroom from Abacus because he likes the way the British manufacturer designs its bathrooms with British plumbing systems in mind making them easy to install.

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The bathroom system that could change the way plumbers work

Abacus bathroom system

In this video, Ian Pattison the owner of Abacus Manufacturing Group and one time plumber’s merchant explains the benefits of the Abacus complete bathroom system which has been designed to be quick and easy to fit. Created with the installer in mind, Ian believes the simplicity of the Abacus system has the potential to change the way that plumbers work. …

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How to fit a bath: Abacus Bathroom Installation

bathroom installation

Roger Bisby demonstrates how to fit a bath from Abacus Bathrooms. Incorrectly fitted baths can easily move and allow water to seep down the back so it’s very important that they are fitted properly. Roger Bisby talks through some key points to consider when fitting a bath including ensuring that the bath is level along both planes.

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Why don’t Premier League footballers have mouldy bathrooms?

mouldy bathrooms

For all those who think that bathroom mould and mildew is unavoidable in the British climate, the fact that it rarely, if ever, exists in up-market bathrooms is telling. You may think this is simply down to being able to afford a good cleaner, and admittedly that helps, but a lot of the things that cause mould are built into …

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