Water Welding. No Gas Needed! HydrOwelder

water welding no gas needed hydrowelder youtube thumbnail

Traditionally reliant on gas or electricity, the welding industry is now witnessing a groundbreaking innovation: water-powered welding equipment.

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Why Are We Building New Homes on Flood Plains?

why are we building new homes on flood plains youtube thumbnail

With climate change amplifying weather events, the UK is experiencing increased flooding. Adapting to this reality requires a comprehensive approach involving urban planning, infrastructural development, and community engagement.

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How to Put a Hipped Roof on a Building That Isn’t Square

how to put a hipped roof on a building that isnt square youtube thumbnail

This design choice can be both functional and aesthetic. For instance, an oblique roof might direct rainwater or snow to a particular side of a building, or it might be chosen simply for its unique and contemporary appearance.

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How To Build an Oblique Pitched Roof

how to build an oblique pitched roof youtube thumbnail

When it comes to roofing, not all structures are created equal. Sometimes, the traditional square footprint just doesn’t cut it. Enter the oblique pitched roof, a solution to irregular property boundaries and a statement in architectural innovation.

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Is This The World’s Best Router? Mafell LO 55

is this the worlds best router mafell lo 55 youtube thumbnail

Designed for professionals who demand nothing less than precision, durability, and exceptional performance, the LO 55 consistently delivers unparalleled results.

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Passive House Pros & Cons: Owner’s Experience 5 Years On

passive house pros cons owners experience 5 years on youtube thumbnail

passive house is a highly energy-efficient building standard that promotes indoor comfort and acoustic insulation. If you're intrigued by the concept and eager to dive deeper, we've curated a selection of valuable resources for you.

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Heat Geek Tech Tour ~ The Future of Heating?

heat geek tech tour the future of heating youtube thumbnail

Heat Geek was created to give expert advice on all aspects of the heating industry to end users and professionals. Roger gets a tour of their headquarters.

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