What’s Dry Build all about and should you consider it?

Dry Build

Darren Hook, CEO of English Heritage Buildings, discusses the benefits of this often overlooked construction method. The construction industry is constantly looking for faster, innovative and more economical methods to reduce costs, construction time and waste, whilst also considering the impact on the environment. Larger businesses are quick to change, but often smaller companies get left behind because of cost …

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“Dust extraction has to be top priority for the trade”

Dust extraction

Jay Hounsell, a Herts-based carpenter and business owner, explains why he believes dust extraction should be the number one priority for everyone in the trade.    He says: “I’ve been working in the carpentry industry for 20-odd years. My new company – The Hertfordshire Kitchen Company – has been going for two years and is successfully placing itself in the …

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Lighting ideas to help sell a property

Lighting ideas

Whether you are building a house or renovating a property for sale, it’s important to consider your lighting scheme from the outset, says Luke Czerpak. The power of good lighting is often underestimated when planning a new build or renovation, but it is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways of showcasing a property. The right lighting can …

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Airport closed

Airport closed

There are lessons to be learned for Britain from Sri Lanka’s infrastructure problems, says Roger Bisby after a recent trip to the South Asian island. Bandaranaike International airport was having a few problems. According to the official Sri Lankan Tourist Board statement it is closed during the day for runway resurfacing. Our taxi driver laughed; he had a slightly different …

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Are all plumbers rescuers at heart?

plumbers rescuers

Roger wrestles with his inner rescuer. I was visiting a manufacturer of safety equipment recently and went to use the gents and found the place flooded out. There was one guy with a mop trying to clear it up but he was like the Sorcerer’s apprentice, the loo just kept overflowing. As fast as he cleared it up more appeared. …

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Why don’t Premier League footballers have mouldy bathrooms?

mouldy bathrooms

For all those who think that bathroom mould and mildew is unavoidable in the British climate, the fact that it rarely, if ever, exists in up-market bathrooms is telling. You may think this is simply down to being able to afford a good cleaner, and admittedly that helps, but a lot of the things that cause mould are built into …

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Why hard hats are good for you and your family


Apart from George Osborne (who only ever pretends to carry out building jobs) I am not sure I have ever met anyone who enjoys wearing a hard hat and I have to say that as you move away from the big sites it is still something of a rarity to see builders with hard hats, says Roger Bisby. as you …

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There is a tide in the affairs of men: Swansea tidal lagoon should be a no-brainer

Swansea tidal lagoon

19/05/2016 A few years ago, while on a walk along the South Coast of England, I came across a place just outside Newhaven called Tide Mills. Unfortunately there is not an awful lot left to see because the British Army used it for target practice with artillery shells and they were a little too accurate. It might not have the …

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Daylight robbery


Roger Bisby discusses the history of the window in building design and considers how modern property developers and homeowners can satisfy their lust for light. The window tax was the not so bright idea of  William III aka William of Orange. It was introduced  in 1696 and, despite being a very unpopular tax, remained in force until 1851.  Those who could …

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The best drill test on Youtube or a waste of time? You decide

roger bisby

Roger Bisby takes us behind the scenes of the latest Skill-builder 18 volt drill test  which puts drills from Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Metabo, Festool, Hitachi and Panasonic through their paces. The Skill-builder 18 volt drill test has proved to be our single most successful YouTube video ever with over 3/4 of a million views and rising. It has also …

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