Is Your Spirit Level… Level?

Is Your Spirit Level Level?

I bet you never thought your spirit level might not be level. Roger explains what you need to check and how an uneven level might waste huge amounts of time and money.

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Where’s Steve?

Where's Steve?

Roger catches up with an old friend to see what he’s working on. Viewers haven’t seen Steve Farrow since the 35A extension series filmed back in 2006 but he’s still on the tools and working on his daughter’s house.

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Loft Conversion Advice & Tiling onto Tiles ~ ASB #20

Loft Conversions & Tiling onto Tiles ASB #20

Send us your pictures and videos: Bhajan Pabla has syphon problems in with his toilet that’s not functioning properly. Jake Mariner wants to do a loft conversion on a budget. Phil Bishop wants to know if it’s possible to tile onto tiles. Rob Field is refitting a shower enclosure and trying to decide on the fittings.

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Tricky Joists & Wonky Ceiling – ASB #19

Tricky Joists & Wonky Ceiling

Send us your pictures and videos: A full range of Built-In, timber to timber, long leg and face fix joist hangers, all designed and manufactured in house.

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Plumbers v Sparks v Chippies – Peugeot Challenge

Plumbers v Sparks v Chippies Peugeot Challenge

We were invited to take part in Peugeot’s Surround Rear Vision Tradesman Challenge so we took Robin and ‘Little Hand’ Jubi along to make up the Chippie Team and go up against the Plumber Team including James Lawrence from Plumberparts and Phil Rawlingson, and the other team was the sparks with the pairing of Joe Amps and AJ Cookson. …

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