Is There Any Way of Getting This Cellar Dry?

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Roger tries to help Kris figure out a problem with a damp cellar wall.

Here’s our message from Kris:


Big fan of your YouTube channel, I learnt a lot from your videos.

The other day we went to see a property that has a cellar.
It seems in a pretty bad state, and there’s some evidence of something going on in each corner of the house from outside but I’m not sure what that is.

The render is clearly flaking off, and the cellar stinks, and water is pooling around the peripheral drains down there.
The ceiling in each corner of the cellar has fallen off, it looks like lath and plaster, very old stuff and clearly needs taking out.
This is in Sussex, so clay soil is everywhere, but the property is on a bit of a hill.

Is there stuff we see outside rising damp?
Is there any way of getting this cellar dry, any idea of the costs involved?
I’m concerned that this went on long enough that there might be a structural issue, but I don’t know enough about it.

Would appreciate any input on this.

Kind regards,

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