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Easy Bathroom Underfloor Heating ~ Extension #25

easy bathroom underfloor heating extension 25 youtube thumbnail

ProWarm ProGrid+ Heating System ▶ Dunlop LX-360 Fibre Leveller ▶ Dunlop CF-03 Flexible Fast Set Tile Adhesive ▶ Wooden Squeegee With Handle 600mm (24″) ▶ _______________________ RELATED VIDEO LINKS 🎬 How To Build An Extension series playlist: 🎬 How to Cut Hip Rafters: 🎬 Ultimate Roofing Square: 🎬 6 Roofing Squares Compared: …

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Are Bricklaying Robots the Future of Construction?

are bricklaying robots the future of construction youtube thumbnail

Roger looks at robotic bricklaying technology and asks the question, is the future of construction robotic? or are other materials and techniques going to take us to the next level? Find out more about SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) the bricklaying system designed and engineered to make the process safer and less physically demanding.

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Carpentry Made Simple ~ Rafter Step Off Method

carpentry made simple rafter step off method youtube thumbnail

James shows us how to calculate your rafter length with a neat trick. 🎬 Carpentry Playlist ~ ______________________________ Tracer AMK1 Deep Pencil Marker 🛒 Silverline SL35 Steel Framing Square 🛒 Siumir 150 x 300 mm Stainless Steel Square 🛒 Stanley Carpenters Steel Roofing Square 🛒 Johnson Level 400mm x 600mm Metric Steel Framing Roofing Square …

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Clean & Protected Hands with Big Wipes ~ 2-Minute Tip

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Check out the Big Wipes antiviral product range: James has a 2-minute tip for quick, clean and disinfected hands. ____________________________________________ What are Heavy-Duty ProPlus Big Wipes? Heavy-Duty ProPlus antiviral and antibacterial wipes are effective hand cleaning and disinfecting wipes. Power cleansers tackle the toughest grime and skin conditioners help to protect and moisturise the skin. Antiviral and Antibacterial Protection …

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Solar Energy Trends in 2021

Built Environment Day

It’s easy to see that going solar presents many benefits. With all of that said, how is the solar market doing in 2021? Here’s a closer look.

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The best cities for loved up tenants looking to rent together

Tall buildings in the City of London

The latest research from the international rental marketplace, Spotahome, has revealed which cities provide the best offering for loved up tenants looking to rent together. Spotahome analysed available rental stock across 14 European cities and looked at which was home to the most abundant level of rental homes classified as ‘perfect for couples’ as a percentage of all rental stock listed …

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