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District Cooling is Really Hot

District cooling is really hot

There is a great deal of interest within many energy companies to pursue a new investment or expand their existing investment in district cooling.

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Build Your Skills & Achieve Crafting Excellence

build your skills achieve crafting excellence youtube thumbnail Building Crafts College Kennard Road Stratford London E15 1AH Tel: 020 8522 1705 Email: HERITAGE & CONSERVATION WOOD OCCUPATIONS CONSTRUCTION STONEMASONRY MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MAKING SHORT COURSES ONLINE SHORT COURSES SUMMER SCHOOL The Building Crafts College has a long tradition of delivering high-quality education training in building crafts and building conservation. The student population of the College is diverse, …

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Cracked Brick Wall – Should You Worry? ASB #32

cracked brick wall should you worry asb 32 youtube thumbnail

Send us your pictures and videos: Ask Skill Builder Playlist: In ASB#32, Tom King asks about a house he’s thinking of buying, but some cracks in the brickwork have got him concerned about the level of damage. Crack stitching could be the answer but Roger doesn’t think it’s a big issue.

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Bradfords Launches Training for Sustainability Champions

Bradfords Sustainable Communities Logo

Bradfords Building Supplies has teamed up with a range of organisations, who are leading the way in environmental responsibility in the built environment, to train its new team of Sustainability Champions. Marshalls, Xtratherm, Polypipe, Millboard and Timloc led presentations and discussions on a range of topics at an intensive training session. Challenging the Champions to think differently about products that …

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Snickers Workwear to Weatherproof Your Workday

Weatherproof working Snickers

You can count on real comfort and protection from the rain with Snickers Workwear’s AllroundWork and FlexiWork Jackets for professional tradesmen and women.

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Tool Theft Fight Back — Home Office Responds

tool theft fight back home office responds youtube thumbnail

HOME OFFICE RESPONSE The Government is tackling acquisitive crime as a priority and is committed to reducing the ability for criminals to profit from stolen goods. The Beating Crime Plan, published in July 2021, sets out the Government’s strategy for cutting crime, protecting the law-abiding majority and making neighbourhoods safe. The Government is aware of the significant impact the theft …

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The Crazy Cost of Going Cordless?

the crazy cost of going cordless youtube thumbnail

The next time you are considering buying a new power tool you are very likely to go for a cordless tool. That is not me reading your mind, it is what all those sales and marketing people have been drip-feeding us in our sleep. It may well be true that a cordless is the best choice but as I am …

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How To Install Korniche Bi-folding Doors

how to install korniche bi folding doors youtube thumbnail

Designed to perfection, these bi-folding doors are a joy to install and use. 🔗 🔗 WHY KORNICHE? Precision. Simplicity. Beauty. The engineering pedigree behind Korniche’s roof lanterns and bi-folding doors makes it easy for you to elevate the design of your construction or renovation project. Driven by perfection. Because they understand that there is no such thing as …

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Which is better, OSB or Plywood?

which is better osb or plywood youtube thumbnail

Roger compares OSB 3 board and plywood and gives his opinion on the best option. OSB board vs Plywood (from Champion Timber) OSB board and plywood are both hugely popular sheeting materials used in modern-day property builds. Whether they’re being used in wall sheathing, flooring or roofs, they both have their own particular suitability and also their own downfalls. So …

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