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How to Repair Small Areas of Plaster | Drywall Patching

how to repair small areas of plaster drywall patching youtube thumbnail

Sam Ward demonstrates how to repair low-level plaster. MORTAR MIX • 4 x Sharp Sand • 1 x Castle Cement • Sika 1 Waterproofer ___________________________________ For patching a plaster repair, a suitable mortar mix should ideally be compatible with the existing plaster in strength, porosity, and thermal expansion to avoid cracking or detachment. A traditional mix often recommended for …

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Don’t Miss This Essential Step When Getting a Heat Pump

dont miss this essential step when getting a heat pump youtube thumbnail

Installing an air source heat pump is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on heating costs. However, the importance of conducting a thorough survey before installation cannot be overstated.

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How to Move a Door Frame Over ~ DIY Guide

how to move a door frame over diy guide youtube thumbnail

Moving a door frame in an old Victorian house can be challenging due to these buildings' age and construction style. The process involves several steps, including removing the existing frame, cutting out old bricks, constructing new stud work, and finishing with plaster.

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Why Are So Many Builders Running Away?

why are so many builders running away youtube thumbnail

The issue of UK builders leaving the industry for other careers is multifaceted, involving various social, economic, and industry-specific factors.

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Why Are We Building New Homes on Flood Plains?

why are we building new homes on flood plains youtube thumbnail

With climate change amplifying weather events, the UK is experiencing increased flooding. Adapting to this reality requires a comprehensive approach involving urban planning, infrastructural development, and community engagement.

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Sewage In Our Rivers ~ The Ugly Truth

sewage in our rivers the ugly truth youtube thumbnail

Polluted waters have been a concern for decades. There's often a lack of awareness among the public regarding the sources and consequences of water pollution. Educating people can help drive solutions and increase pressure for action.

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How To Fit Composite Decking Like A Pro

how to fit composite decking like a pro youtube thumbnail

Composite decking is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a durable, low-maintenance option that offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for outdoor living spaces. Learn how How To fit it Like A Pro with Dan Cox and Roger Bisby.

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Brick Effect Render – Render That Looks Like Brickwork

brick effect render render that looks like brickwork youtube thumbnail

Brick effect render is a technique that allows surfaces to mimic the aesthetic of traditional brickwork, without using actual bricks. This is typically achieved by applying render onto a surface resembling the brick-and-mortar pattern.

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