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4 Roofers Couldn’t Solve This Damp Chimney. Can You?

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📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger takes a look at a problem Carl Fielding has with a leaking chimney. Here is Carl’s message: I am having issues with my chimney leaking in the attic. I have had multiple roofers come and look and even had a re-roof done. I was told the issue was gone and even got the attic …

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Is Spray-on Roof Coating a Con?

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Ask us a question ▶ Martin asked Skill Builder: Some years ago a company put flyers through all the letter boxes for cleaning and painting roof tiles. They claimed it would improve waterproofing. This seemed like a lie to me since the houses were built in the late 60s early 70s with concrete tiles over roofing underlay. I believe …

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We Were Gobsmacked by This Young Carpenter

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Thanks to Eliot: Thanks to MTwo: Dan Cox is working with Rob & Scott from MTwo Building Services and a new young apprentice carpenter, Eliot. SHOPPING LINKS 🛒 Dan’s Roofing Square: 🛒 Tracer AMK1 Deep Pencil Marker: 🛒 Makita GN900SE Gas Nailer: 🛒 Dead On Steel Milled Hammer: 🛒 Swanson 7-inch Speed Square:

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