The Damp Conundrum ~ Are We on the Right Track?

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Back to damp, it’s everywhere, and our inbox is flooded with messages like this one from Sally.

Hi there. Can you help, please? We moved into our home in 2015, and the extension that bridges the main house to an outbuilding was already there when we moved in.

Over time, damp patches have appeared. We were told that the roof was too low pitched for the Marley tiles on it, and we have since had those replaced with mineral felt.

That stopped drips from getting in from the roof overhead, but the damp patches on the walls remained. I don’t think there are cavity trays – is that the problem?

It’s a southwest-facing wall, so it gets battered by the weather. There are a few cracks in the render but those are fairly recent as we had a decorator make the render good when we first moved in. How tricky would it be to fit cavity trays, considering the odd pitch of the roof?

Would storm dry help? also, there are no air vents in the soffits.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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