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Kitchen Refurbishment – 7 Day Makeover

kitchen refurbishment 7 day makeover youtube thumbnail

Roger follows a kitchen refurbishment project with a new group of tradesmen. Meadvale Builders 🔗 Reigate Plasterers 🔗 Surrey Kitchen Installations 🔗 Stonefish Mosaics Floor Tiling Specialist 🔗 Good Wood Floors 🔗

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Pro Kitchen Fitting Trade Tips with Robin – Capel #25

Kitchen Fitting Trade Tips with Robin

Robin is fitting the beautiful kitchen at The Capel Build and he has quite a few trade secrets and tips and tricks to share with you. We’ll probably spread the kitchen phase over three episodes seeing as we have so much material on this subject, we hope you like it! Kitchen Fitting choices Robin considered kitchen fitting using Wren Kitchens …

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Kitchen sink drama – Plumbers with rescuer syndrome

Kitchen sink

I was working on a roof trying to get it done, I had no plumbing tools on board and suddenly I was plumbing. Uni had tried to sort out her plumbing problem, good luck to her but one look at it told me she was in too deep and… she had people coming to dinner. What are you going to …

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Heating a kitchen with a Smith’s Space Saver kickspace heater

kickspace heater installation

In this installation video Roger Bisby demonstrates a great product for anyone looking for heating ideas that save space and money. The key is that the Smith’s Space Saver heater runs off the existing central heating. You’re probably wondering how this tiny little heater is going to heat a kitchen, and you’re almost certainly thinking it’s an electric fan heater …

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Why Does Roger Hate Push Fit Waste Pipe?

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📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at some troublesome push-fit pipework in a bathroom. Here’s our message from Mike: Love watching your channel. We are just renovating our bathroom. We’ve been removing as much as we can, but this morning I noticed a leak coming through the kitchen ceiling. Now, the bathroom sink was used and I think I …

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What’s Supporting This Troublesome Chimney?

whats supporting this troublesome chimney youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger helps Jeff figure out the best approach to making his chimney safe. Jeff’s message: What, if anything, do I need to do about this? Doing up what was the in-law’s house to sell it. The chimney breast was removed from the ground-floor kitchen and 1st-floor bedroom around 50+ yrs ago. My wife and older …

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Watch This Before Extending Your Home (common mistake)

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📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at a badly prepared floor where the ventilation has been compromised. Ventilating the sub floor in your house properly will help to prevent damp and moisture damage in your floorboards. The installation cost isn’t very high, and it will help you keep damp and moisture out. Sub Floor Ventilation Guide with Checkatrade. …

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4 Roofers Couldn’t Solve This Damp Chimney. Can You?

4 roofers couldnt solve this damp chimney can you youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger takes a look at a problem Carl Fielding has with a leaking chimney. Here is Carl’s message: I am having issues with my chimney leaking in the attic. I have had multiple roofers come and look and even had a re-roof done. I was told the issue was gone and even got the attic …

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Upgrade Your Shower with Fresh Silicone — DIY Guide

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🛒 Dryzone Silicone Sealant Replacement Kit (Anti Mould) Complete kit for Professional looking joints in Kitchens and Bathrooms. • All-in-one Silicone Sealant Replacement Kit – everything you need to successfully replace damaged, discoloured and mouldy sealant in bathrooms and kitchens • Don’t revive or retouch – replace! Dryzone Silicone Sealant Remover breaks down existing sealant so it can be …

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Mouldy Shower Cured For Good

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🛒 Dryzone Mould Remover and Prevention Kit The definitive long-term solution to mould with dual-action mould remover & sanitiser spray. About Dryzone Mould Removal and Prevention Kit Tired of cleaning the same mouldy corner again and again? Standard household cleaners can often just hide the symptoms or even encourage regrowth. Dryzone dual-action Mould Treatment Pack immediately cleans the mould …

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An Important Message From Skill Builder

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Please help us to support The Lucy Rayner Foundation. The Lucy Rayner Foundation official website 🔗 Supporting Your Family’s Mental Health 🔗 Instagram 🔗 Twitter 🔗 THE PROJECT We hope it will be a centre of excellence, a recognized building that promotes good mental health in young people aged 14 yrs – 39 years. The …

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