How to Build a Garden Room In 1 Day with The Insulated Panel Store

Use promo code ‘SB10’ for a 10% discount on orders placed before 31-07-22.

🛒 The Insulated Panel Store

Roger and Abe assemble the Grande Garden Room Kit 3 from The Insulated Panel Store.

The Grande is the largest of the insulated garden room range at 5.5 X 3.3 metres.

For doors that fit the garden Room kit, visit AWM Windows & Doors.
🔗 AWM Windows & Doors

Each kit includes the insulated roof, wall and floor panels, flashings, accessories and fixing kit.

All you need to complete your build is a solid base and your door.

Product Highlights

• Speed of install – waterproof & wind tight substructure up within 1 day
• No need for timber or steel frame substructure
• Cranked Corners eliminating the need for flashings on the walls
• Insulated Panels are ideal for disassembly and reuse
• Leading thermal performance with QuadCore technology
• Year-round use. These garden rooms are cool in the summer and warm in the winter
• Excellent customer service and after-sales support

Some ideas for your garden room:

✔ Bar
✔ Gym
✔ Hair salon
✔ Dog grooming parlour
✔ Summer house
✔ Pool/games room
✔ Photography studio
✔ Office
✔ Man cave


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  1. Does the discount apply to both the building and the windows/doors?

  2. Insulated garden rooms are becoming more popular Mainly due to covid with a lot more people working from home, previously.

    Great article


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