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Loft Conversion Advice & Tiling onto Tiles ~ ASB #20

Loft Conversions & Tiling onto Tiles ASB #20

Send us your pictures and videos: Bhajan Pabla has syphon problems in with his toilet that’s not functioning properly. Jake Mariner wants to do a loft conversion on a budget. Phil Bishop wants to know if it’s possible to tile onto tiles. Rob Field is refitting a shower enclosure and trying to decide on the fittings.

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Tricky Joists & Wonky Ceiling – ASB #19

Tricky Joists & Wonky Ceiling

Send us your pictures and videos: A full range of Built-In, timber to timber, long leg and face fix joist hangers, all designed and manufactured in house.

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Driveway Sealers & Things Beyond Repair – ASB #18

Driveway Sealers

Send us your pictures and videos: Alastair is about to get a new block driveway and asks should he seal the drive and what block paving sealant would we recommend. Everbuild and Sika are two options. Everbuild Path and Paving Sealers: The Sika range includes elastic sealing and bonding solutions, joint sealants for facades or resistant sealants for …

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Level Decking, Cracked Lead & Damp Walls – ASB #11

Level Decking, Cracked Lead

Gary Maydew noticed that there were white marks on his lead flashing. Jimmy the builder has asked why are so many new plasterboard ceilings cracking after being plastered? Jim Cain moved to Cambridge from Atlanta, Georgia, and has a home in Ely with water pressure issues. Les Richards wants to install composite decking and have it level with the interior …

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Why is There a Nasty Smell? ASB #7

Why is There a Nasty Smell?

This is the Kieren Messenger episode. He sneaks two questions into this edition of ASB and sends some lovely video clips showing his huge problem in the extension of the Messenger household.

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The Money Pit & Weekly Leak News – ASB #6

The Money Pit

Roger’s comes back to the rescue with our weekly Ask Skill Builder show and Episode 6. We take a look through your emails, Facebook messages and YouTube comments and Roger does his best to steer you in the right direction. John Collins is considering buying a ‘doer upper’ that needs an epic effort to turn around. He asks “Just wondering …

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