Broken DeWalt Mitre Saw ~ Another Tale of Woe

broken dewalt mitre saw another tale of woe youtube thumbnail

Spare Tool Parts for Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, Dremel, Ryobi… ▶ James has now repaired his DeWALT DWS780 Compound Slide Mitre Saw. Maybe he’ll treat himself to a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 🛒 La Compagnie Rhodanienne: 🛒 Vieux Chevalier: 🛒 Cuvee Speciale:

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How To Easily Fit Skirting & Architrave ~ Extension #19

how to easily fit skirting architrave extension 19 youtube thumbnail

YFOOD COMPLETE MEAL TASTER PACK – Use code “BUILDER10” for a 10% discount 🛒 James is fixing the skirtings and has a few tips for making this job easier. _______________________ RELATED VIDEO LINKS 🎬 How To Build An Extension series playlist: 🎬 How to Cut Hip Rafters: 🎬 Ultimate Roofing Square: 🎬 6 Roofing Squares Compared: …

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Tongue & Groove Hidden Fixing ~ 2-Minute Tip

tongue groove hidden fixing 2 minute tip youtube thumbnail

▶ SEND YOUR TIP AND WIN A FORGEFAST 1000-PIECE WOOD SCREW KIT Thanks to Robin for his tip. 🎬 YouTube – 📷 Instagram –

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Festool KS 120 Kapex ~ Love at First Sight

festool ks 120 kapex love at first sight youtube thumbnail

Festool KS 120 REB KAPEX ▶ Dan Cox ▶ Check out Dan Cox on Instagram __________________________________ MORE ON THE KS 120 FROM FESTOOL Guides left, guides right. Even where others only pretend to do so. With spherical bushings on both sides to offer a double layer of protection in terms of keeping the carriage precisely on course …

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Taping & Jointing or Skimming. Which is Best? ~ Extension #18

taping jointing or skimming which is best extension 18 youtube thumbnail

James is plastering and trying out the Marshalltown Adjustable Squeegee Trowel. 🛒 22″ Marshalltown Adjustable Squeegee Trowel: 🛒 18″ Marshalltown Adjustable Squeegee Trowel: 🛒 12″ Marshalltown Adjustable Squeegee Trowel: Marshalltown Adjustable Squeegee Trowels use a DuraSoft® blade molded to a high impact backing that ensures consistent finishes and long life. You can adjust the pitch 35° in …

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How To Build a Soundproof Room

how to build a soundproof room youtube thumbnail

Creating a soundproof room is an excellent project for those looking to create a peaceful environment, free from external noise. Whether you’re setting up a home studio, a private study, or simply wish to enjoy tranquility in your living space, this guide will walk you through the essentials of building a soundproof room, with a focus on optimizing for the …

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Neat & Simple Tiling Trims ~ 2-Minute Tip

neat simple tiling trims 2 minute tip youtube thumbnail

SEND YOUR TIP ▶ WIN A FORGEFAST ORGANISER PRO 1000-PIECE SCREW KIT Thanks to Rob Tester from Stonefish Mosaics for his tip.

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Fitting Staircase Spindles ~ Extension Build #17

fitting staircase spindles extension build 17 youtube thumbnail

James is fitting the spindles on the loft staircase and chatting with Roger about the best approach to building a staircase. 🛒 Tracer AMK1 Deep Pencil Marker: 🛒 Estwing E24C Curved Claw Hammer: 🛒 HiKOKI NT65GS 2nd Fix Gas Finish Nailer: _______________________ RELATED VIDEO LINKS 🎬 How To Build An Extension series playlist: 🎬 How to …

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EMMA – Sustainably Responsible Safety Footwear

EMMA Sustainably Responsible Safety Footwear

EMMA will help you reduce your carbon footprint with safety footwear that’s completely made from a combination of recycled materials and materials that are recyclable.

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