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Hellberg Safety – SECURE Active – Active Listening Headsets

Hellberg Safety – SECURE Active

Hellberg Safety specialist PPE products include highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal wellbeing on site. The SECURE ACTIVE headsets enable workers to communicate safely with colleagues, hear signals and other important information while protected from hazardous noise. The built-in, level-dependent microphones provide perfect directional hearing with an electronic protection system that limits all sounds …

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Karcher Professional Vacuum Cleaner Review

Karcher Professional Vacuum Cleaner

I connect the Karcher professional vacuum to various power tools from circular saws to electric planers the hose is nice and long and the machine itself is stable and on good castors so it moves freely as you work.

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Forticrete Cebastone

Forticrete Cebastone

There is no doubt that stone dressings are becoming very popular in new build. The combination of brick and stone is a natural choice for builders looking to give their properties a bit more kerb appeal.

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About Skill Builder: The video and web resource for the building industry

About Skill Builder

Skill Builder is the UK’s go-to resource for trades and self-builders and DIYers. We review products, produce how-to tutorial videos and bring expertise designed to help the building community become better skilled, safer and more productive. Our library of content has been viewed by the building community over 40 million times and is the perfect resource for researching products and …

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5 Warning Signs of Asbestos Poisoning

Asbestos Poisoning

OSCHR has compiled a list of five signs to watch out for that may indicate that you're suffering from an asbestos-related disease.

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Bosch launches thermal camera

thermal camera

Bosch Professional has added a high-quality thermal camera to its measuring device range. Its development is said to draw on the manufacturer’s deep understanding of practical problems faced by electricians, plumbers, builders and other trade professionals. The Bosch GTC 400 C Professional Thermal Camera is designed to bring competitive advantage to their businesses at an affordable price. Multiple uses It …

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Construction workers spend 130 hours a year drinking tea

drinking tea

A survey of UK workers in the construction industry carried out by household appliances retailer,, has revealed that builders spend on average 130 hours annually taking tea breaks. This is 20.34 hours more than the average British worker who spends 109.66 hours annually making tea. The research, which looked in to the building workplace eating and drinking habits, found …

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Introducing the Hilti TE 6-A22 Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Hilti TE 6-A22

“This is one fast drill,” says Roger Bisby of the Hilti TE 6-A22 Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill when he tries it out in this new video.  Don’t forget to like the video on YouTube if you’d like to see more – the products from the Hilti series that get the most likes will get tested in depth. Features Extremely powerful …

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My Favourite Tools for Floor Laying

floor laying tools

Floor laying is a job that many builders hand over to the specialist but Roger Bisby explains why he is reluctant to kiss goodbye to what can be a good earner and shares his favourite tools for the job. My customer was fairly adamant that they didn’t want scotia or quadrant around the edge of their new oak flooring because …

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Hilti Service Centre – How Can They Repair Your Tools in 3 Days?

Hilti Service Centre

In the first in a series of videos about Hilti, Skill Builder finds out how the brand delivers the industry-leading service offering that makes it such a popular choice on large construction sites. Hilti Service Centre Hilti makes great claims for its service and repair; they say they can turn around a repair in three days or you don’t pay …

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What’s Dry Build all about and should you consider it?

Dry Build framework

Darren Hook, CEO of English Heritage Buildings, discusses the benefits of this often overlooked construction method. The construction industry is constantly looking for faster, innovative and more economical methods to reduce costs, construction time and waste, whilst also considering the impact on the environment. Larger businesses are quick to change, but often smaller companies get left behind because of cost …

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Balfour predicts human free construction sites by 2050

human free construction sites

Balfour Beatty believes the construction site of 2050 will be in stark contrast to what we see today – predicting it will be human-free with work moved off-site, remote control of machinery and new materials and techniques exploited to improve cost, safety and efficiency. The international infrastructure group has laid out its vision in its paper “Innovation 2050: A Digital …

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A cut above: Knipex grips review

Knipex grips review

Roger Bisby tries out a few Knipex grips and laments a life of losing tools. Having spent a great deal of my working life as a plumber/builder Knipex is a brand I know very well and it seems I’m not alone. When I recently used a pair of inferior slip joint grips in a plumbing demonstration and struggled, the calls …

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Yes, yes, yes! Clever cot simulates car journeys

cot simulates car journeys

Not strictly a trade product but given that we love any products that can make you more productive we had to share this for any builders with babies out there.  For many new parents, there is only one guaranteed solution to putting their baby down at the end of the day – a night-time drive that soothes, calms and eventually …

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Tackles damp that’s difficult to reach

damp-proof coatings

The Drybase range from Safeguard Europe – the UK specialist in damp-proofing and waterproofing technology – has been designed for use when it is not possible to protect building materials and interior surfaces from the sources of dampness, like rain penetration or rising damp. The collection of damp-proof coatings, coverings coatings and membranes can be used for protection against a …

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Building company fined for putting childminder and children at risk

Construction boss jailed

A building company and its director have been fined for breaching Gas Safety law after putting a childminder and children in her care at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Plastic and Wood Specialists Ltd built a structure, that the childminder used to shelter sleeping babies and young children, around the flue outlet for the boiler. A carbon monoxide alarm sounded …

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Stone wool insulation: Where there’s a wool, there’s a way

Stone wool insulation

As those in the insulation manufacturing process know, not all mineral wool insulation is the same. For builders, however, it’s sometimes difficult to understand where the distinctions lie, what benefits there might be and how the insulation choices they make can impact upon a project or application. Paul Barrett, Product Manager at Rocwool looks at where stone wool insulation began …

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Workwear with Italian flair

u-power workwear

Performance is a brand-new workwear range from U-Power, said to feature the finest and most comfortable stretch fabrics, designed with U-power’s trademark Italian flair. The range includes the Quick soft shell unlined jacket, which boasts extras such as an internal multimedia pocket with Free Sound technology, a detachable hood engineered with a reflective rain visor, reflective panels for optimum winter …

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