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How One Long Screw Can Make Your Life Hell

how one long screw can make your life hell youtube thumbnail

➤ Send us your new-build story: Another new build nightmare with an incorrectly installed resilient bar ceiling that’s causing big problems with sound and vibration transmission.

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Social Media: Are You Getting It Right?

Social Media & carpenter-a-selfie

Sarah Woodhouse, Director at AMBITIOUS PR, shares her top tips on making the most of social media when it comes to marketing your business … Whether it’s sharing a funny video clip, your holiday photos (remember those?) or your thoughts on how your favourite football team performed in last night’s game, social media is a great place to connect with …

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Britain’s Home Moving Hotspots Revealed

Britain’s Home Moving Hotspots Revealed

Where have we moved home the most? - Britain’s home moving hotspots revealed. Nearly 800,000 home moves have taken place in the last year.

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Vaccine Factory Tragedy Demands Fire Safety Rethink

Ramtech WES fire alarm

Fitting a temporary fire alarm during construction activity can save lives, prevents costly delays, and protects your investment, facts supported by a growing number of industry bodies. The call comes after a fire in January at one of the world’s largest vaccine producers killed five workers in Pune, western India. The blaze started at a new factory building, adjoined to …

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10 Plumbing Things to Check Before Buying a Home

Plumber fitting tap

Imagine you’ve finally found the house of your dreams. There’s enough room for your family to grow and the neighbourhood is idyllic. You can’t wait to open a new chapter in your life. However, there is one thing that the sellers are trying to hide from you. The property comes together with a major plumbing problem. Fixing it costs a …

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Makita Expands CXT Range with 12v WR100DZ Ratchet Wrench

Makita WR100DZ Ratchet Wrench 12v

Makita’s new cordless ratchet wrench is a versatile, compact and lightweight tool suitable for use across a wide range of applications and ideal for accessing tight spaces. With a number of innovative features included, the WR100DZ has been designed to ensure optimum efficiency and operator productivity. The WR100DZ ratchet wrench utilises Makita’s CXT Compact eXtreme Technology (CXT), making this an …

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Scaffold Configuration: Does My Project Need a Bespoke Design?

Building construction site with scaffolding

Scaffold design is a complex and often painstaking business, involving a fairly weighty set of calculations intended to demonstrate the strength and stability (or otherwise) of the proposed structure. It is a matter of legal compliance that all scaffolds have to be able to demonstrate they conform to minimum standards, which in practice sounds as if there is no option …

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Look After Your Hearing – With Proper Protection

Ear Protection

Hearing damage caused by exposure to noise at work is permanent and incurable, with research estimating that over 2 million people can be exposed to noise levels that are potentially harmful. Many simply do not realise the dangers when it comes to permanent damage regular noise can cause. However, with adequate protection to look after your hearing, damage can easily be avoided.

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Foscam R4M WiFi Home Security Camera with AI

Foscam R4M

Now you may remember I did a review of the Foscam power over ethernet CCTV system that uses a network video recorder. We also had a look at the nest system, but now we’re looking at cameras that you put inside your house. Foscam R4M The R4M is only £99 and it seems to have quite a few features. It …

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