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Why don’t Premier League footballers have mouldy bathrooms?

mouldy bathrooms

For all those who think that bathroom mould and mildew is unavoidable in the British climate, the fact that it rarely, if ever, exists in up-market bathrooms is telling. You may think this is simply down to being able to afford a good cleaner, and admittedly that helps, but a lot of the things that cause mould are built into …

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How to silicone seal a basin or bath with Abacus Bathrooms

silicone seal a basin or bath

In this latest video on the Skill Builder You Tube channel Roger Bisby shares some tips on how to silicone seal a basin or bath and explains some cheats which can make the job easier. Among Roger’s tips are making sure that the surface is clean and dry before beginning the job. Roger also demonstrates a tool from Abacus which …

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Why Does Roger Hate Push Fit Waste Pipe?

why does roger hate push fit waste pipe youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at some troublesome push-fit pipework in a bathroom. Here’s our message from Mike: Love watching your channel. We are just renovating our bathroom. We’ve been removing as much as we can, but this morning I noticed a leak coming through the kitchen ceiling. Now, the bathroom sink was used and I think I …

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4 Roofers Couldn’t Solve This Damp Chimney. Can You?

4 roofers couldnt solve this damp chimney can you youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger takes a look at a problem Carl Fielding has with a leaking chimney. Here is Carl’s message: I am having issues with my chimney leaking in the attic. I have had multiple roofers come and look and even had a re-roof done. I was told the issue was gone and even got the attic …

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Upgrade Your Shower with Fresh Silicone — DIY Guide

upgrade your shower with fresh silicone diy guide youtube thumbnail

🛒 Dryzone Silicone Sealant Replacement Kit (Anti Mould) Complete kit for Professional looking joints in Kitchens and Bathrooms. • All-in-one Silicone Sealant Replacement Kit – everything you need to successfully replace damaged, discoloured and mouldy sealant in bathrooms and kitchens • Don’t revive or retouch – replace! Dryzone Silicone Sealant Remover breaks down existing sealant so it can be …

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Mouldy Shower Cured For Good

mouldy shower cured for good youtube thumbnail

🛒 Dryzone Mould Remover and Prevention Kit The definitive long-term solution to mould with dual-action mould remover & sanitiser spray. About Dryzone Mould Removal and Prevention Kit Tired of cleaning the same mouldy corner again and again? Standard household cleaners can often just hide the symptoms or even encourage regrowth. Dryzone dual-action Mould Treatment Pack immediately cleans the mould …

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How To Fix Low Water Pressure Problems with AccuBoost

how to fix low water pressure problems with accuboost youtube thumbnail

I have been a plumber for over 40 years and one question I have heard over and over again is “What can you do to improve my mains water pressure?”. For a lot of my career, the answer was “not much” because boosting the flow and pressure on water mains used to require a complicated and expensive set-up or a …

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A New Build Nightmare That Shouldn’t Happen

a new build nightmare that shouldnt happen youtube thumbnail

➤ Send us your new-build story: 🎬 Bathrooms playlist: 🎬 Abacus Bathrooms playlist: Roger sees another cracked shower tray problem in a new-build house that has driven the owner to take legal action.

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Skill Builder Advertising Rate Card

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Skill Builder. 4 million monthly views   ◾   515,000 subscribers   ◾   880k shares   3 million monthly reach   ◾   128k followers   4 million monthly views   ◾   105k followers   Over 100,000 monthly visits   ◾   90% organic search traffic  

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