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Damp and mould problems leaving UK tenants living in squalid conditions

Damp and mould problems

Research conducted by housing charity Shelter has revealed that hundreds of renters – including those living in bigger, urban areas – are living in slum-like conditions due to damp, mould, infestation and electrical issues. The report, from Shelter and YouGov, took statements from 300 tenants across the Manchester region. The majority expressed concern about ongoing struggles with damp and mould …

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Tackles damp that’s difficult to reach

damp-proof coatings

The Drybase range from Safeguard Europe – the UK specialist in damp-proofing and waterproofing technology – has been designed for use when it is not possible to protect building materials and interior surfaces from the sources of dampness, like rain penetration or rising damp. The collection of damp-proof coatings, coverings coatings and membranes can be used for protection against a …

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The damp conundrum

Keep dry

I have always been a sucker for a challenge. If someone tells me that they have a problem that nobody has been able to fix, I am there. Rising damp is not usually baffling but rising damp in a third floor flat is. Yes I do mean rising damp and not penetrating damp, the proof being that some of it …

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Knock It Down or Save It? You Decide

knock it down or save it you decide youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at the front of a house which needs some attention but where would you start? Bricklaying With Steve and Alex 🔗 @SteveAndAlexBuild Here’s our message from Dael: Hi, I had numbers of builders coming to all give me a different approach to the issues. So I made a decision to start somewhere to …

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Watch This Before Extending Your Home (common mistake)

watch this before extending your home common mistake youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at a badly prepared floor where the ventilation has been compromised. Ventilating the sub floor in your house properly will help to prevent damp and moisture damage in your floorboards. The installation cost isn’t very high, and it will help you keep damp and moisture out. Sub Floor Ventilation Guide with Checkatrade. …

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Mouldy Shower Cured For Good

mouldy shower cured for good youtube thumbnail

🛒 Dryzone Mould Remover and Prevention Kit The definitive long-term solution to mould with dual-action mould remover & sanitiser spray. About Dryzone Mould Removal and Prevention Kit Tired of cleaning the same mouldy corner again and again? Standard household cleaners can often just hide the symptoms or even encourage regrowth. Dryzone dual-action Mould Treatment Pack immediately cleans the mould …

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Installing External Wall Insulation – Is it a DIY Job?

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EWI Store is the insulation and render specialist. 🔗 Dryrod Damp Proofing Rods 🔗 What are the advantages of external wall insulation? • Reduced heat loss and energy bills • Fewer draughts • Does not disrupt the house while being installed • Does not reduce internal floor area • Allows walls to contribute to thermal mass (the ‘tea …

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Breathable Silicone Masonry Paint Solves Waterproofing Problem

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▶ Emperor Masonry Paint is a technically advanced, super hydrophobic silicone-based masonry paint for use on brick, stone or rendered exterior masonry walls. The waterproof and highly breathable formulation has been independently tested and certified to withstand harsh weather conditions for a minimum of 25 years without peeling or flaking, making it the most durable masonry paint available today …

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Spray Foam Insulation — The Ugly Truth?

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Roger explains the pros and cons of having spray foam insulation in your house. Spray foam insulation explained by the Which? Team. Also called spray polyurethane foam (SPF), it is an alternative to traditional building insulation. It’s versatile and can be used to insulate your roof, loft, walls and floor, helping to retain warmth and reduce energy costs. PROS AND …

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