#4 ~ Getting Paid, Bad Debts & Cowboy Customers

Podcast #4 ~ Getting Paid & Bad Debts

Robin is back with Roger to discuss the all-important issue of getting paid and taking every measure in avoiding bad debts so you’ll escape being knocked by cowboy customers.

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Corefix – Dot & Dab Wall Fixing Solved


Roger tries out a fast and strong dot’n’dab drywall fixing solution from Corefix and is very impressed with the performance. Watch our YouTube video and see for yourself. Dot & Dab Wall Fixing Solution Suitable for most modern homes with plasterboard/dot & dab walls Trusted and independently tested incredibly strong fixing, 90kg safe working load Fast installation, no specialist tools …

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How to Install a Roof Maker Slimline Roof Lantern

Roger and Robin take you on a step-by-step guide to installing a Roof Maker Slimline Roof Lantern and give you their verdict in this review. The Roof Maker roof lanterns have been designed with speed and ease of construction in mind so that you don’t need to be a professional installer to build and fit them. Our guide will take …

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Bathroom Renovation #8 – Ready for Tiling

It’s almost time for the tiler to start work, so Roger has to get the bath connected, the tray down, underfloor heating hooked up and the elements board down onto the KST adhesive which will give us a level bathroom floor. Special thanks go to Abacus for supporting this series: https://www.abacus-bathrooms.co.uk Installing an Infinity Single Fall Shower Tray – https://youtu.be/5CbsdvF3l0Q …

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Remove Black Shower Mold – Amazingly Easy!

This is a brilliant little lifehack that will kill ugly black mold. We’ve been asked how to remove black mould from the silicone around shower trays many times and the solution is almost too easy to believe because it doesn’t involve any scrubbing or elbow grease. You will need some bleach, toilet or kitchen roll, gloves if you like having …

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Rot, Home Offices & Pipe Problems – ASB #5

Ask Skill Builder is becoming one of our most popular shows, which is great because we get to help you directly and you can take the pictures for a change! In this episode we have… Jon Curtis – Has a shower tray leaking and decided to do a full remodel job and fit all new, larger shower, but has a …

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#3 ~ Fault Finding & Diagnosing Problems

Podcast #3 ~ Fault Finding & Diagnosing Problems

Roger and Dylan discuss fault finding and troubleshooting in the third episode of the Skill Builder podcast. Roger has developed a taste and knack for solving problems over the years and loves a challenge and in this episode, he talks about his experiences and the mindset required to figure out problems.

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Bathroom Renovation #7 – Bath Surround

With the Elements board in place, it’s time to work out the best fixing solution for the Abacus Multi-Design Tileable Bath Surround Kit, which is made from the same material as the Elements tile backer board. Special thanks go to Abacus for supporting this series: https://www.abacus-bathrooms.co.uk Tools and materials used in this video series: Abacus Elements Ultimate Construction Board – …

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5 Problems Solved This Week – ASB #4

Send us your pictures and videos: http://skill-builder.uk/send Roger’s house cheat sheet comes into play with Ask Skill Builder Episode 4. We take a look through your emails, Facebook messages and YouTube comments and Roger does his best to steer you in the right direction. Jacob Ashton has good cold water pressure but as soon as he turns it to hot, …

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#2 ~ Benefits of Going Self-Employed

Podcast #2 ~ Benefits of Going Self-Employed

Roger and Robin discuss going self-employed in the second episode of the new Skill Builder podcast. It takes some courage to make the leap from the security and comfort of your job, but the fact that you’re here tells us that you’re thinking of making the leap into the world of being the master of your own destiny, but what …

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